CAMPAIGN IS SET TO START ON 5/27/15, 7PM-11PM. This time is subject to change if need be.

Character Build Rules:

1. 20 Point Buy system
2. Start at Level 7
3. Start with Level 7 Starting Gold
4. You will level up to 9 eventually.
5. Backup characters are allowed.
6. Core Races Only (Dwarf, Gnome, Human, Halfling, Half-Elf, Elf, Half-Orc) Alternate racial traits are welcome.
7. One evil character allowed. Worshipping an evil deity will count as an “evil” character as well.
8. All classes (except unchained and third party classes) are allowed.

House Rules:

-No take 10/ take 20 on any rolls.
-Large creatures may not be suitable to the environment

-The setting promotes a dark, eerie feeling of hopelessness and frustration. You will be in the Country of Ustalav, but other than that, I cannot reveal much more. Most classes and backstories should work fine. Backstories do not need to be long, but just enough for me to understand who your character is.

The Dread Heritage

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